Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide
Release 2.2

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Purpose of This Guide
How this Guide Is Organized
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1 Overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager

Three-Tier Framework
Oracle Management Server
Managed Nodes
Benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager
Single Point of Management
Multi-Administrator System
Scalability for Growing, Distributed Environments
Extensible Architecture
Automated Lights-out Administration
Autonomous Intelligent Agent
Ease of Use
The Basic Components
Oracle Management Server
Common Services
Service Discovery
Job Scheduling System
Event Management System
Notification System and Filtering
Paging/Email Blackouts
Generate an Enterprise Report
Font Control
DBA Management Pack

2 The Console

Console Graphical User Interface
Console Panes
Navigator Pane
Navigator Split View
Group Pane
Jobs Pane
Events Pane

3 Job and Event Systems

Job Scheduling System
Pre-defined System Tasks
Job Scheduling
Lights-out Management
Cross-Platform Job Scripts
Job Progress
Job Notification and Filtering
Communication with the Intelligent Agent
Complex Jobs
Security and Jobs
Event Management System
Proactive Event Management
Event Notification and Filtering
Event Notification
Extended Event Status
Event Colors and Icons
Event Log
Unsolicited Error Detection

4 DBA Management Pack

DBA Studio
Common Features of DBA Management Pack Functionality
Tree Views and Property Sheets
Multi-Column Lists
Database Version Awareness
Database Reports
Logging of Database Changes
Showing Object DDL
Show SQL
Show Dependencies
Right-Mouse Commands
Font Settings
Advanced Mode
DBA Management Pack Functionality and Wizards
Instance Management
Database Operations
Stored Configurations
In-Doubt Transactions
Resource Consumer Groups
Resource Plans
Resource Plan Schedule
Schema Management
Tree List by Schema
Editing an Object
Creating Objects
Security Management
User Operations
Role Operations
Profile Operations
Storage Management
Controlfile Operations
Tablespace Operations
Datafile Operations
Rollback Segment Operations
Redo Log Group Operations
Archive Log Operations
Replication Management
JServer Management
Cache Management
SQL*Plus Worksheet

5 Oracle Management Packs and Integrated Applications

Oracle Diagnostics Pack
Oracle Advanced Events
Database Event Tests
Listener Event Test
Microsoft ® SQL Server Event Test
Node Event Tests
Web Server Event Tests
Oracle Performance Manager
Oracle Capacity Planner
Oracle TopSessions
Oracle Trace
e-Business Management Tools
Monitoring Features of the Web Servers
Reporting of Web Server Activity
Charts and Chart Groups
Oracle Tuning Pack
Oracle Expert
Oracle Index Tuning Wizard
Oracle SQL Analyze
Oracle Tablespace Map
Reorg Wizard
Oracle Change Management Pack
Change Manager
Create Baseline
Compare Database Objects
DB Quick Change
DB Alter
DB Propagate
Find Database Objects
Plan Manager
Oracle Standard Management Pack
Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Applications
Oracle Management Pack for SAP R/3
Integrated Applications
Oracle Applications Manager
Oracle Enterprise Security Manager
Oracle8i interMedia Text
Oracle Parallel Server Manager
Oracle Spatial Index Advisor
Oracle Directory Manager
Oracle Distributed Access Manager
Oracle Developer Server Forms Manager


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