Oracle Intelligent Agent User's Guide
Release 8.1.7

Part Number A85251-01





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Purpose of this Guide

This manual provides configuration information and answers to crucial troubleshooting questions pertaining to the Oracle Intelligent Agent. The Intelligent Agent User's Guide is directed towards users of Oracle Enterprise Manager Version 1 and Version 2, as well as other supported system management frameworks that communicate with the Oracle database through the Intelligent Agent.


Enterprise Manager Version 2 uses a middle-tier Management Server. Users of Enterprise Manager Version 1 should ignore references to this component.  

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for anyone installing, configuring, or troubleshooting the Oracle Intelligent Agent on UNIX or Windows NT platforms. Under most circumstances, the Agent requires little in the way of configuration and maintenance. For this reason, the Oracle Intelligent Agent User's Guide should be used as a reference, rather than read sequentially.

How this Manual is Organized

Chapter 1  

Provides a functional overview to the Intelligent Agent and discovery services. 

Chapter 2 

Describes Agent installation and configuration procedures. 

Chapter 3 

Describes Job and Event scripting using the Tool Command Language (Tcl).  

Appendix A 

Describes requisite configuration files used by Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

Appendix B 

Provides Intelligent Agent troubleshooting guidelines and procedures. 

Appendix C 

Provides a list of general Windows keyboard shortcuts 

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