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JML Compile-Time Versus Runtime Considerations and Logistics

This section discusses two aspects of compile-time tag libraries compared to runtime tag libraries:

General Compile-Time Versus Runtime Considerations

The Sun Microsystems JavaServer Pages Specification, Version 1.1, describes a runtime support mechanism for custom tag libraries. This mechanism, using an XML-style tag library description file to specify the tags, is covered in "Standard Tag Library Framework".

Creating and using a tag library that adheres to this model assures that the library will be portable to any standard JSP environment.

There are, however, reasons to consider compile-time implementations:

In the future, Oracle may offer a general framework for creating custom tag libraries with compile-time tag implementations. Such implementations would depend on the OracleJSP translator, so would not be portable to other JSP environments.

The general advantages and disadvantages of compile-time implementations apply to the Oracle JML tag library as well. There may be situations where it is advantageous to use the compile-time JML implementation as first introduced in older versions of OracleJSP. There are also a few additional tags in that implementation, and some additional expression syntax that is supported. (See "JML Compile-Time/ Syntax Support" and "JML Compile-Time/ Tag Support".)

It is generally advisable, however, to use the JML runtime implementation that adheres to the JSP 1.1 specification.

The taglib Directive for Compile-Time JML Support

The OracleJSP JML support implementation uses a custom class supplied by Oracle, OpenJspRegisterLib, to implement JML tag support.

In a JSP page using JML tags with the compile-time implementation, the taglib directive must specify the fully qualified name of this class (as opposed to specifying a TLD file as in standard JSP 1.1 tag library usage).

Following is an example:

<%@ taglib uri="oracle.jsp.parse.OpenJspRegisterLib" prefix="jml" %>

For information about usage of the taglib directive for the JML runtime implementation, see "The taglib Directive".

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