Oracle8i Java Developer's Guide
Release 3 (8.1.7)

Part Number A83728-01





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Overview of Oracle8i Java Documentation

This guide is the starting point for Oracle8i Java developers. It outlines some of the unique features of Java programming with Oracle8i, including aspects of the Aurora JVM, explaining how to take advantage of these features in your Java programs.

Once you have mastered the basics of Java development within the Oracle8i database, you might need more information for the specific protocol you will use in implementing your Java application. The following list includes other books within the documentation set that will help you in your application development:

Protocol   Description   Book Title  


Oracle8i Java developers should become familiar with Oracle's Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) product because it provides the basis for accessing SQL data from Java programs, as well as Oracle-specific extensions to this Java standard. JDBC is an industry standard.  

Oracle8i JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference  


You may find it easier to develop Java programs that access SQL data using embedded SQL in Java (SQLJ). SQLJ uses a preprocessor, written in Java, to translate embedded SQL statements to standard JDBC-style programs. SQLJ is an industry standard.  

Oracle8i SQLJ Developer's Guide and Reference  


JPublisher provides a simple and convenient tool to create Java programs that access existing Oracle relational database tables.  

Oracle8i JPublisher User's Guide  

Java Stored Procedures  

If you are a PL/SQL programmer exploring Java, you will be interested in Java stored procedures. A Java stored procedure is a program you write in Java to execute in the server, exactly as a PL/SQL stored procedure. You invoke it directly with products like SQL*Plus or indirectly with a trigger and can access it from any Net8 client--OCI, PRO*, JDBC or SQLJ. The Oracle8i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide explains how to write stored procedures in Java, how to access them from PL/SQL, and how to access PL/SQL functionality from Java.

In addition, you can use Java to develop powerful programs independently of PL/SQL. Oracle8i provides a fully compliant implementation of the Java programming language and JVM.  

Oracle8i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide.  

JavaServer Pages and Servlets  

Dynamic HTML protocols that invoke back-end Java that exists on the database or interact with the web server,  

Oracle8i Oracle Servlet Engine User's Guide

Oracle JavaServer Pages Developer's Guide and Reference  


For distributed applications, you will utilize either the ORB or EJB technology. Oracle's open distributed object technology is included in its Object Request Broker (the Aurora/ORB) and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) functionality. The Aurora/ORB and EJB furnish powerful standards-based frameworks and tools to help you build scalable Java applications that provide seamless transactional access to Oracle data across your intranet or the Internet.  

Oracle8i Enterprise JavaBeans Developer's Guide and Reference

Oracle8i CORBA Developer's Guide and Reference  

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