Oracle8i Java Developer's Guide
Release 3 (8.1.7)

Part Number A83728-01





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Who Should Read This Book

This book has been written for the following audiences:

Java API Programming Models

The building blocks Java developers use in Oracle8i are as follows:

Each of these models is briefly discussed in Chapter 1, "Introduction to Java in Oracle8i" and examples are given in Chapter 3, "Invoking Java in the Database". Both of these chapters should help you decide which model to use for your particular application. Once you decide on the appropriate model, examine the appropriate developer's guide for in depth information on each model. For example, if you decide to use Java stored procedures, you should examine the book Oracle8i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide.

Java Information Resources

The following table lists the sources of current information discussed in the Java programming documentation suite:

Location   Description  

The latest offerings, updates, and news for Java within the Oracle8i database. This site contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), updated JDBC drivers, SQLJ reference implementations, and white papers that detail Java application development. In addition, you can download try-and-buy Java tools from this site.  

Sun Microsystem's web site that is the central source for Java. This site contains Java products and information, such as tutorials, book recommendations, and the Java Developer's Kit (JDK). The JDK is located at  

The Oracle8i Java Server (JServer) is based on the Java Language (JLS) and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) specifications.  

Internet newsgroups can be a valuable source of information on Java from other Java developers. We recommend that you monitor these two newsgroups. Note: Oracle monitors activity on some of these newsgroups and posts responses to Oracle-specific issues.  

Your local or on-line bookstore has many useful Java references. You can find another listing of materials that are helpful to beginners and that you can use as general references, in the Oracle8i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide.

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