Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide
Release 2.1.1

Part Number A86101-01





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What's New in Oracle Internet Directory?

Oracle Internet Directory release 2.1.1 contains these new features:

Feature  Information 

Attribute options, including language codes 

"Attribute Options" for a conceptual discussion

"Managing Entries with Attribute Options" 

Change log purging enhancements 

"Change Log Purging" for a conceptual discussion

"Oracle Directory Replication Server Parameters" 

Enhanced support for these operational attributes:

  • creatorsName

  • createTimestamp

  • modifiersName

  • modifyTimestamp


"Kinds of Attribute Information" for a conceptual discussion

"Setting System Operational Attributes"

"Example 6: Searching for All User Attributes and Specified Operational Attributes" for an example of a search operation using the createTimestamp attribute 

Human intervention queue manipulation tool 

"Using the Replication Tools" for a brief explanation of this tool

"Using the Human Intervention Queue Manipulation Tool" 

Migration from other LDAP-compliant directories 

Appendix F, "Migrating Data from Other LDAP-Compliant Directories" 

Object class explosion 

"Guidelines for Adding Object Classes" for an explanation of how to use this feature when adding object classes  

OID Database Statistics Collection Tool 

"Using the OID Database Statistics Collection Tool" 

Password encryption enhancements 

"Password Encryption" for a conceptual discussion

"Managing Password Encryption" for instructions on setting password encryption 

OID reconciliation tool 

"Using the Replication Tools" for a brief explanation of this tool

"Using the OID Reconciliation Tool" 

Replication node deletion 

"Deleting a Replication Node" 

Synchronization with multiple directories in a metadirectory environment 

"Synchronizing with Other Directories in a Metadirectory Environment" for a conceptual discussion

Chapter 11, "Synchronizing with Multiple Directories" 

Upgrade procedures 

"Upgrading from an Earlier Release of Oracle Internet Directory" 

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