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Use wfqclean.sql to clean up Workflow queues in the system tables.

Attention: This script is only necessary if you are using a version of Oracle8 prior to 8.1.5 and you drop your user or tablespace without previously dropping the workflow queues using wfqued.sql. The wfqued.sql script is located in the Oracle Workflow sql subdirectory. The DROP USER CASCADE and DROP TABLESPACE INCLUDING CONTENTS commands in these prior versions of Oracle8 leave queue data in your system tables that result in an ORA-600 error when you recreate the queues. To avoid this case, you should always run wfqued.sql to drop the queues prior to dropping the user or tablespace.

Use the wfqclean.sql script as follows:

sqlplus system/manager @wfqclean <un>

Replace <un> with username of the schema that experiences the ORA-600 error.

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