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Installation of Oracle Application Server for Oracle Workflow Option

Step 1. Install Oracle Application Server 4.0.7 or higher on a server machine.

Refer to your Oracle Application Server installation documentation for more information.

Step 2. Create at least one HTTP listener for Oracle Workflow and make note of its name and base URL.

Refer to your Oracle Oracle Application Server documentation for instructions on how to create a Web listener.

The base URL should have the following format, where <server_name>and <portID> represent the server and TCP/IP port number on which your web listener accepts requests:


For example:

Step 3. Install the Oracle Application Server PLSQL Toolkit.

Step 4. Create an Oracle Application Server Database Access Descriptor (DAD) for the Oracle Workflow Schema and register the DAD with a PL/SQL Cartridge.

		DAD Name                       <DAD_name>
		Database User                  <wf_username>
		Database User Password         <wf_password>
		Confirm Password               <wf_password>
		Database Location              <host_server>

		Application Type:       PL/SQL
		Configure Mode:         Manually

		Application Name:       WF
		Display Name:           Workflow
		Application Version:    2.5.2

		Cartridge Name:         WF252
		Display Name:           WORKFLOW 2.5.2
		Virtual Path:           /wf252
		Physical Path:          <Retain Default> 
		DAD Name:               <DAD_name> 



Step 5. Protect the Workflow PL/SQL Cartridge Virtual Path.

Oracle Workflow's web pages rely on the user authentication feature of Oracle Web Application Server to provide security. To ensure that only authorized users can access workflow processes, the URLs that generate Oracle Workflow's web pages must be protected by the Oracle Web Application Server authentication feature. Refer to your Oracle Web Application Server documentation for more details.

		Virtual Path         Scheme                            Realm        
		<virtual_path>       <Basic/Digest/Basic_Oracle>       <realm_name>

Attention: All virtual paths must include a trailing slash, such as /wf252/.

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