Oracle Applications InterConnect
Release 3.1.3

Part Number A86039-01





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Welcome to the Oracle Applications InterConnect User's Guide, Release 3.1.3.

This user's guide provides information to work effectively with Oracle Applications InterConnect, including instructions on how to operate and use the product.

This preface explains how this user's guide is organized and introduces other sources of information that can help you.

Intended Audience

The target audience for Applications InterConnect is any organization that needs to integrate an Oracle product with another Oracle product or a legacy system.


This manual contains four chapters:

Chapter 1  

Introduces Oracle Applications InterConnect and presents an overview of the product and the tools. 

Chapter 2 

Describes the design-time components and concepts of Oracle Applications Interconnect. It also explains iStudio, the tool provided to organize and improve integration tasks. 

Chapter 3  

Describes the runtime components and concepts of Oracle Applications InterConnect.  

Chapter 4 

Introduces Runtime Management Console and describes how you use it to troubleshoot errors during the execution of interconnected applications and systems. 


This guide is targeted at the following types of users:

The audience ideally should have the following pre-requisites, which are discussed but not explained:

  1. Domain knowledge of the applications that you are integrating.

  2. Database concepts and SQL, PL/SQL, or SQL* Plus programming background.

Related Materials

Additional Documentation

Oracle Applications InterConnect shares business and setup information with other Oracle Applications products. Therefore, you may want to refer to other user's guides when you set up and use Oracle Applications InterConnect.


The following conventions are also used in this manual:

Convention  Meaning 


Vertical ellipsis points in an example mean that information not directly related to the example has been omitted. 

. . .  

Horizontal ellipsis points in statements or commands mean that parts of the statement or command not directly related to the example have been omitted 

boldface text 

Boldface type in text indicates a term defined in the text, the glossary, or in both locations. 

< > 

Angle brackets enclose user-supplied names. 

[ ]  

Brackets enclose optional clauses from which you can choose one or none. 


From on-site support to central support, our team of experienced professionals provides the help and information you need to keep Oracle Applications InterConnect working for you. This team includes your Technical Representative, Account Manager, and Oracle's large staff of consultants and support specialists with expertise in your business area, managing an Oracle8 server, and your hardware and software environment.

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