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Initialization Parameters, 87 of 188


Parameter type: 


Parameter class: 

Dynamic. Scope = ALTER SYSTEM. 

Default value: 

Range of values: 

0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 

Oracle Parallel Server: 

Multiple instances can have different values. 

LOG_ARCHIVE_TRACE controls output generated by the archivelog process. This process can be initiated by

  • An ARCn background process (designated as ARCn in the output logs)

  • An explicit session-invoked foreground process (designated as ARCH in the output logs), or

  • The remote file server (RFS) process of Managed Standby.


The valid values have the following meanings:

  • 0: Disable archivelog tracing (this is the default)

  • 1: Track archival of REDO log file

  • 2: Track archival status of each archivelog destination

  • 4: Track archival operational phase

  • 8: Track archivelog destination activity

  • 16: Track detailed archivelog destination activity

  • 32: Track archivelog destination parameter modifications

  • 64: Track ARCn process state activity

You can combine tracing levels by adding together the values of the desired tracing levels. For example, a setting of 3 will generate level 1 and level 2 trace output. You can set different values for the primary and standby database. 

When this parameter is set to the default value of 0, Oracle will still generate appropriate alert and trace entries in response to error conditions. If you change the value of this parameter dynamically in an ALTER SYSTEM statement, the changes will take effect at the start of the next archivelog operation.

See Also: Oracle8i Backup and Recovery Guide.  

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