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To shut down the target database without exiting RMAN. This command is equivalent to using the SQL*Plus SHUTDOWN statement.

See Also:

Oracle8i Administrator's Guide for information on how to start up and shut down a database, and SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference for SHUTDOWN syntax. 


Keywords and Parameters


shuts down the database with normal priority (default option), which means:

  • No new connections are allowed after the statement is issued.

  • Before the database is shut down, Oracle waits for all currently connected users to disconnect from the database.

  • The next startup of the database will not require instance recovery.



aborts the target instance, with the following consequences:

  • All current client SQL statements are immediately terminated.

  • Uncommitted transactions are not rolled back until next startup.

  • Oracle disconnects all connected users.

  • Oracle will perform crash recovery on the database at next startup.



shuts down the target database immediately, with the following consequences:

  • Current client SQL statements being processed by Oracle are allowed to complete.

  • Uncommitted transactions are rolled back.

  • All connected users are disconnected.



shuts down the target database while minimizing interruption to clients, with the following consequences:

  • Clients currently conducting transactions are allowed to complete, that is, either commit or abort before shutdown.

  • No client can start a new transaction on this instance; any client attempting to start a new transaction is disconnected.

  • After all transactions have either committed or aborted, any client still connected is disconnected.



Shutting Down a Database in Immediate Mode

This example waits for current SQL transactions to be processed before shutting down, then mounts the database:

shutdown immediate;
startup mount;
Shutting Down a Database in NOARCHIVELOG Mode

This example backs up a database running in NOARCHIVELOG mode:

shutdown abort;
startup dba;
startup mount;
# executing the above commands ensures that database is in proper state for noarchivelog 
# backup
run {
     set duplex = 4;
     allocate channel dev1 type 'sbt_tape';
     backup database;
     alter database open;

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