Oracle8i Error Messages
Release 2 (8.1.6)

Part Number A76999-01





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Parser Messages (PPE)

PPE-00200 found unrecognized punctuation sequence

Cause: The error indicates that the precompiler parser encountered a badly-formed identifier or keyword.

Action: Correct the syntax.

PPE-00201 Found syntax error

Cause: This general message precedes one or more specific messages that detail the nature of the error.

Action: No action required. Correct the errors diagnosed in the following message(s).

PPE-00202 No typedef name was given

Cause: The precompiler parser encountered a TYPEDEF statement that had no name after the type specification. For example:

typedef int;

Action: Correct the syntax.

PPE-00203 found end of file when not expected

Cause: The parser can emit this message when a general syntax error occurs, for example, an unmatched '{' or '('.

Action: Correct the syntax.

PPE-00204 EXEC SQL INCLUDE not permitted from within an included file

Cause: EXEC SQL INCLUDE statements cannot be nested. Also, EXEC SQL INCLUDE statement cannot be put inside a file that is included using the #include preprocessor command.

Action: Recode the program so that the nested include statement is not required.

PPE-00205 Parser error at line number, column number, file string:

Cause: The precompiler parser encountered a syntax error, either in C code or in SQL code. A more specific message should follow.

Action: No action required for this message. Take the appropriate action for any following messages.

PPE-00206 Host variables are not permitted within a DDL statement

Cause: A Data Definition Language statement cannot use host variables. For example, the statement:

CREATE TABLE :table_name  (c1 char(10)); 

is illegal, because the name of the table in a CREATE TABLE statement cannot be represented using host variable.

Action: Use dynamic SQL to create the names of database objects (tables, views, columns, and so on) at runtime. See the language-specific Precompiler Programmer's Guide for information about dynamic SQL.

PPE-00207 Invalid macro name

Cause: The precompiler parser encountered a #define directive that had no macro name associated with it. For example:


Action: Correct the syntax.

PPE-00208 No filename specified in #include statement

Cause: The precompiler parser encountered a #include directive that had no filename associated with it. For example:


Action: Specify appropriate filename with the #include directive, or correct the syntax.

PPE-00209 Macro invocation has incorrect number of arguments

Cause: A macro invocation in the source does not have the same number of arguments as the macro definition in the #define line.

Action: Correct the macro reference or the macro definition.

PPE-00210 C++ punctuation sequences are not permitted

Cause: C++ punctuation sequences are not supported by the ProC/C++ precompiler.

Action: Rewrite your C++ code without using punctuation sequences and precompile it again.

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