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Release 8.1.7
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Release 8.1.7 Enhancements

SQL*Plus Release 8.1.7 provides a number of enhancements over previous releases of SQL*Plus. This appendix describes the enhancements for SQL*Plus Release 8.1.7.

SQL*Plus Release 8.1.7 Enhancements

SQL*Plus Release 8.1.7 gives you the following additional capabilities:


In this release, you can use MARKUP HTML ON to produce HTML output in either the <PRE> tag or in an HTML table. Output to a table uses standard HTML <TABLE>, <TR> and <TD> tags to automatically encode the rows and columns resulting from a query. Output to an HTML table is now the default behavior when the HTML option is set ON. You can generate output using HTML <PRE> tags by setting PREFORMAT ON. For more information about the SQLPLUS and SET commands, see Starting SQL*Plus Using the SQLPLUS Command in Chapter 7 and the SET command in Chapter 8.

TABLE text

TABLE text is a new MARKUP option which allows you to enter attributes for the HTML <TABLE> tag. You can use this option to set <TABLE> tag attributes such as BORDER, CELLPADDING, CELLSPACING and WIDTH. For more information about this option, see TABLE text in Chapter 7.

The new MARKUP syntax for SQLPLUS -MARKUP and SET MARKUP is:

HTML [ON|OFF] [HEAD text] [BODY text] [TABLE text]

For more information about this option, see MARKUP Options in Chapter 7.


A new option, ENTMAP {ON|OFF}, has been added to the COLUMN command to add flexibility for mapping entities. The default for COLUMN ENTMAP is the current value of the MARKUP HTML ENTMAP option.

ENTMAP {ON|OFF} in the COLUMN command allows you to explicitly turn entity mapping on or off for selected columns in HTML output. For more information about this option, see the COLUMN command in Chapter 8.

SQL*Plus Release 8.1.6 Enhancements

SQL*Loader is no longer used to install the SQL*Plus command line help system. The help system is now installed by running SQL*Plus scripts. See the Installation Guide for your operating system for instructions on how to install the help system. A SQL*Plus script is also provided to enable the removal of the help system.

SQL*Plus Release 8.1.5 Enhancements

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