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Welcome To Oracle WebDB!

Intended Audience
Tutorial Setup
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Oracle WebDB Basic Concepts

What is Oracle WebDB?
Why Use Oracle WebDB?
Starting Oracle WebDB
Exiting Oracle WebDB
Navigating in Oracle WebDB
Displaying an Oracle WebDB Site
Getting Help

Part I Building Applications

1 Managing Users

1.1 Before You Begin
1.2 Creating a New User
1.3 Adding a User to a Role
1.4 Granting Browse In and Build In Privileges to a User
1.5 Granting Database Object Privileges to a User
1.6 Creating a new role
1.6.1 Creating a role
1.6.2 Adding a user to a role
1.7 What's Next?

2 Building and Browsing Database Objects

2.1 Before You Begin
2.2 Building a Table
2.3 Building a Procedure
2.4 Querying a Table
2.5 Executing a Procedure
2.6 What's Next?

3 Building Components

3.1 Before You Begin
3.2 Building a Form Based on a Table
3.3 Editing a Form
3.3.1 Editing the basic appearance of forms Adding colors Changing field labels
3.3.2 Adding supporting text to a form
3.3.3 Adding advanced PL/SQL code
3.4 Making a Component Available to End Users
3.5 Building a Report
3.6 Editing a Report
3.6.1 Adding summary information to a report
3.6.2 Adding a break to a report
3.6.3 Adding parameters to a report
3.7 Building a Chart
3.8 Building a Shared Component
3.8.1 Building a List of Values (LOV)
3.8.2 Testing a List of Values
3.8.3 Using a List of Values in a component Using a List of Values in a form Using a List of Values in a report parameter entry form
3.9 What's Next?

4 Building Applications by Linking Components

4.1 Before You Begin
4.2 Building a Menu
4.3 Editing a Menu
4.3.1 Adding role-level menu security
4.4 Building a Link
4.4.1 Testing a link
4.4.2 Using a link in a component
4.5 What's Next?

Part II Building WebDB Sites

5 Creating WebDB Sites

5.1 Before You Begin
5.2 Creating a WebDB Site in the Database
5.3 Assigning a Site Administrator
5.4 What's Next?

6 Designing WebDB Sites

6.1 Before You Begin
6.2 Designing the Structure of a WebDB Site
6.2.1 Creating folders
6.2.2 Creating categories
6.2.3 Creating perspectives
6.2.4 Creating custom item types
6.3 Controlling the Style of a WebDB Site
6.3.1 Designing the style of a WebDB site
6.3.2 Applying a style to a folder
6.4 Providing Access to a Web Site
6.4.1 Providing public access to a folder
6.4.2 Granting folder access privileges to a user
6.4.3 Granting folder access privileges to a group of users Creating a group Granting folder access privileges to a group
6.5 What's Next?

7 Managing WebDB Site Content

7.1 Before You Begin
7.2 Adding a Regular Item
7.2.1 Adding a custom item type item
7.3 Adding a News Item
7.4 Adding an Announcement Item
7.5 Adding a Quickpick Item
7.6 Adding an Item with Approval
7.6.1 Adding an item that requires approval
7.6.2 Approving an item
7.7 Editing an Item
7.8 What's Next?

Part III Using Oracle WebDB to Control Access to Oracle Reports

8 Controlling Access to Oracle Reports

8.1 Prerequisites
8.2 The Access Control Process
8.2.1 Step 1: Install WebDB
8.2.2 Step 2: Assign Oracle Reports roles to users
8.2.3 Step 3: Configure Reports Servers for security
8.2.4 Step 4: Set the authentication cookie domain
8.2.5 Step 5: Create an availability calendar
8.2.6 Step 6: Add access to printers
8.2.7 Step 7: Add access to Reports Servers
8.2.8 Step 8: Add access to the report definition file
8.3 What's Next?

Part IV Appendix

A Tutorial Setup Instructions

A.1 Creating HR_TUTORIAL
A.2 Creating the Tutorial Web Site
A.2.1 Assigning a user as Site Administrator
A.3 Creating the TUTORIAL_USER user account

Part V Glossary

Part VI Index


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