Oracle8i Client Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (8.1.6) for Windows

Part Number A73017-01





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Directory Structures

This appendix describes the default directory structures created when you install Oracle8i Client components.

Specific topics discussed are:

Oracle8i Client Directory Structure

ORACLE_BASE is the root of the Oracle directory tree.

Oracle Universal Installer places Oracle8i Client products into the \ORACLE_HOME directory of ORACLE_BASE.

If you install Oracle8i Client with the Programmer installation type, the following ORACLE_HOME directories are created.

Directory  Contents 


Oracle assistants  


Executable files 


HTML documentation library 


Java Virtual Machine files 


Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers files 


Java files used by various applications 


Files used by directory client libraries 


Java VM and EJB jar files 


Help files 


Net8 files  


Oracle Call Interface files. \OCI contains the following subdirectories: 


  • Header files



  • Library files



  • Sample files



NLS files 


Oracle ODBC files 


OLE DB files 


Oracle Objects for OLE files 


Message files 


Data option files. \ORD contains the following subdirectories: 


  • SQL scripts



  • Oracle interMedia Audio files



  • Oracle interMedia Image files



  • Message files



  • Oracle Time Series files



  • Oracle interMedia Video files



  • Oracle Visual Information Retrieval files



  • Oracle interMedia files



  • Java libraries for Oracle options



Oracle Trace files 


Oracle Wallet Manager files 


Message files for PL/SQL 


Precompiler files 


Oracle Server files 


Release Notes 


Message files 


SQLJ files 


SQL*Plus files  

Filename Extensions

A description of filename extensions is shown below.

Extension  Description 


Oracle audit file 


bitmap file 


C source file 


SQL*Loader control file; Oracle Server control file 


SQL*Loader datafile 


Oracle Server tablespace file 


Export file 


ASCII text file 


C header file; also, SR.H is a SQL*Report Writer help file 


Java class archive 


output of SQL*Plus scripts 


installation log files; Oracle Server redo log files 


make files 


NLS message file (binary) 


NLS message file (text) 


object module  


Oracle configuration files 


Pro*C source file 


Pro*COBOL source file 


SQL* script files  


SQL* script file 


trace files 

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