Oracle9i Case Studies - XML Applications
Release 1 (9.0.1)

Part Number A88895-01
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Action Handler, 8-50
Advanced Queueing, uses, 8-6
Advanced Queuing Script, 8-157
API, Glossary-1, 8-150
application message set
creating, 9-22
Application Program Interface, definition, Glossary-1
application server, Glossary-1
applications, 2-17
communicating XML documents, 2-12
AQ Broker-Transformer, 8-32
AQ Queue Creation Scripts, 8-21
AQ schema scripts, 8-20, 8-169, 8-171
attribute, definition, Glossary-1
authored XML, 2-2


B2B messaging, 2-25, 2-27, 2-29
B2B XML Application, 8-3
B2B XML Application, requirememts, 8-3
B2B, definition, Glossary-2, 8-174
B2C messaging, 2-25
B2C, definition, Glossary-2
BC4J, definition, Glossary-1
Binary Large Object, definition, Glossary-2
Blank Screen, cause, 7-21
BLOB, definition, Glossary-2
Broker Schema, creating, 8-22
Broker Schema, populating, 8-24, 8-158
Broker-Transformer, 8-69
BuildAll.sql, 8-14
BuildSchema.sql, 8-15
Business Components for Java, definition, Glossary-1
Business-to-Business, Glossary-2
Business-to-Consumer, definition, Glossary-2


callback, definition, Glossary-2
Calling Sequence, SQL, 8-13
cartridge, definition, Glossary-2
Cascading Style Sheets, definition, Glossary-3
CDATA, definition, Glossary-3
CGI, defintion, Glossary-3
Changes to a Modified Stylesheet, Viewing, 7-21
Changing the Text Color, 7-10
Channel Definition Format, definition, Glossary-2
Class Generator, definition, Glossary-3
CLASSPATH, definition, Glossary-3
Cleaning Up Your Environment, 8-25
client-server, definition, Glossary-3
CLOB, definition, Glossary-4
Common Object Request Broker API, definition, Glossary-4
Common Oracle Runtime Environment, definition, Glossary-4
Content and document management, 2-17
content management, 2-17
conventional path load, 2-15
CORBA, definition, Glossary-4
CORE, definition, Glossary-4
Create Queue SQL Scripts, 8-27
customizing presentation, 5-20
customizing presentation of data
data presention
customizing data, 2-17
Customizing Stylesheets, 7-20


DAD, definition, Glossary-4
data exchange applications, 2-11
Data Exchange Flow B2B Application, 8-30
XML support in, 1-5
Database Access Descriptor, definition, Glossary-4
datagram, definition, Glossary-4
demos, 1-15
design issues, 2-11
direct-path load, 2-15
disco3iv.xml, 7-19
disco3iv.xsl, 7-20
Discoverer 3i Viewer Architecture, 7-4
Discoverer 3i Viewer, customizing, 7-2
Discoverer Application Server, Replicating, 7-6
Discoverer Business Intelligence, definition, 7-2
Discoverer FAQs, 7-18
Discoverer reports, 7-3
Discoverer Server Interface, 7-5
Discoverer3i Viewer, 7-2
DOCTYPE, definition, Glossary-4
document management, 2-17
document mapping, 2-8
Document Object Model, definition, Glossary-5
Document Type Definition, definition, Glossary-5
in the Dynamic News application, 5-23
DOM, definition, Glossary-5
Drop Queue SQL Scripts, 8-27
dropOrder.sql, 8-28
Drops Queue Applications, 8-26
DTD, definition, Glossary-5
Dynamic News Application, 5-2
how it works, 5-5
main tasks, 5-2
overview, 5-2
servlets, 5-4
dynamic pages, 5-11


Editors, XSL, 7-20
EJB, definition, Glossary-5
Electronic Data Interchange, definition, Glossary-5
element, definition, Glossary-5
empty element, definition, Glossary-5
end-user preferences, 5-13
Enterprise Java Bean, definition, Glossary-5
entity, definition, Glossary-6
errors.xsl, 7-21
etailer, 8-150
eXcelon Stylus, 7-20
eXtensible Markup Language
XML, A-2
eXtensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Object, definition, Glossary-6
eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, definition, Glossary-6
eXtensible Stylesheet Language, definition, Glossary-6
extracting XML, 1-4


FAQs Discoverer, 7-18
Flight Finder
sample application overview, 4-2
using, to format XML, 4-9
flight finder, 4-1
formatting XML with stylesheets, 4-9
how it works, 4-3
introduction, 4-2
queries, 4-6
XML to database, 4-16
Frequently Asked Questions Discoverer, 7-18
functions.xsl, 7-21


generated XML, 2-2, 2-7
Glossary, Glossary-1
GSM, Global System for Mobile Communication, 9-8
gui_components.xsl, 7-20


HandWeb, 8-3
Hold Constants, Message Broker, 8-150
HTML, 7-18
HTML, definition, Glossary-7
HTTP, 7-18
HTTP Listener, 8-3
HTTP, definition, Glossary-7
hybrid storage, 2-5
Hypertext Markup Language, definition, Glossary-7
Hypertext Transport Protocol, definition, Glossary-7
hypertext, definition, Glossary-7


IBM XSL Editor, 7-20
IDE, definition, Glossary-7
IIOP, definition, Glossary-7
iMessage (Internet Message Studio, 9-22
Inserting Logos, 7-10
instantiate, definition, Glossary-8
Integrated Development Environment, definition, Glossary-7
Integrated tools, 1-11
interMedia, definition, Glossary-8
Internet File System, definition, Glossary-7
Internet Message Studio (iMessage), 9-22


Java Bean, definition, Glossary-8
Java Database Connectivity, definition, Glossary-8
Java Runtime Environment, definition, Glossary-8
Java, definition, Glossary-8
JDBC, definition, Glossary-8, Glossary-9
JDeveloper, 8-3
JDeveloper, definition, Glossary-9
JDK, definition, Glossary-8
JRE, definition, Glossary-8
JServer, definition, Glossary-9
JSP, definition, Glossary-8
JVM, definition, Glossary-9


LAN, definition, Glossary-9
listener, definition, Glossary-9
loading XML documents, 2-14
LOB, definition, Glossary-10
LOBFILE, syntax, 2-14
local area network, definition, Glossary-9
Logos, Inserting, 7-10


content and document, 2-17
Management Scripts, 8-117, 8-163, 8-149
B2B and B2C, 2-25
phone number portability, 9-1
messaging architecture, 9-15
mkAQUser.sql, 8-20
mkQ.sql, 8-21
mkSSTables.sql, 8-22
mode, definition, Glossary-10


naa, Newspaper Association of America, A-13
namespace, definition, Glossary-10
national character Large Object, definition, Glossary-10
network element
provisioning, 9-21
news items, 5-17, 5-19
exporting, 5-23
importing, 5-23
NOTATION, definition, Glossary-10
N-tier, definition, Glossary-10
number portability, 9-15
number portability process, 9-4


OAG, definition, Glossary-10
OAI, definition, Glossary-11
OAS, definition, Glossary-11
OASIS, definition, Glossary-12
Object View, definition, Glossary-11
object-relational, definition, Glossary-11
OE, definition, Glossary-11
OIS, definition, Glossary-11
Open Applications Group, definition, Glossary-10
Oracle Application Server, definition, Glossary-11
Oracle Exchange, definition, Glossary-11
Oracle Integration Server, definition, Glossary-11
Oracle XML, 1-2
Oracle XSL -TProcessor, 7-20
ORACLE_HOME, definition, Glossary-12
ORB, definition, Glossary-11


page_layouts.xsl, 7-20
parent element, definition, Glossary-12
parser, definition, Glossary-12, 8-120
PCDATA, definition, Glossary-12
PDA browser, 8-3
Personal Digital Assistant, definition, Glossary-12
personalizing content, 5-13
phone number portability messaging, 9-2
PL/SQL, definition, Glossary-13
Portal-to-Go, 4-20
components, 3-6
convert to XML, 3-11
exchanging data via XML, 3-9
extracting content, 3-10
features, 3-3
how it works, 3-5
introduction, 3-2
Java transformers, 3-20
sample adapter classes, 3-16
study 1, 3-30
study 2, 3-31
supported devices and gateways, 3-4
target markup language, 3-20
transforming XML, 3-20
what's needed, 3-4
XSL stylesheet transformers, 3-23
Process and Management Scripts, 8-117
prolog, definition, Glossary-13
provisioning network element, 9-21
PUBLIC, definition, Glossary-13


Queue Creation Scripts, 8-21

R, 8-175
renderer, definition, Glossary-13
Replicating Discoverer Application Server, 7-6
Reports, Discoverer, 7-3
reset.sql, 8-25, 8-26
Resource Definition Framework, definition, Glossary-12
Resource Description Framework Site Summary (RSS), 5-23
result set, definition, Glossary-13
Retailer Places Order, 8-47
Retailer Schema, 8-14
Retailer Scripts, 8-150
Retailer-Supplier Schema, 8-15
Retailer-Supplier Transactions, 8-31
root element, definition, Glossary-13
Running the B2B XML Application, 8-34


samples, 1-15
SAX, definition, Glossary-13
Schema scripts, 8-20
schema, deffinition, Glossary-13
messaging architecture, 9-15
number portability, 9-15
SDP (Service Delivery Platform), 9-15
Secure Data Access, 7-3
semi-dynamic pages, 5-9
sending XML data, 2-12
Server-side Include, definition, Glossary-14
Service Delivery Platform (SDP), 9-15
servlet, definition, Glossary-13
Servlets, 7-18
Dynamic News Application, 5-4
Servlets, definition, 7-18
session, definition, Glossary-13
setup.sql, 8-24
SGML, definition, Glossary-14
Simple API for XML, definition, Glossary-13
Simple Result DTD, 3-12
SQL Calling Sequence, 8-13
conventional path load, 2-15
direct-path load, 2-15
SQL, definition, Glossary-14
SSI, definition, Glossary-14
SSL, 7-4
SSL, definition, Glossary-14
Start Queue SQL Scripts, 8-28
Starts Queue Applications, 8-26
static pages, 5-7
Stop Queue SQL Scripts, 8-27, 8-176
Stopping the B2B XML Application, 8-82
Stops and Drops Queue Applications, 8-26
XML in the Database, 4-16
storing XML, 1-4
Stylesheet Table, XSL, 8-22
Stylesheet, definition, Glossary-14
Stylesheets, Customizing, 7-20
style.xsl, 7-10, 7-21
Stylus, 7-20
Supplier Schema, 8-14, 8-180, 8-186
SYSTEM, definition, Glossary-14


tag, definition, Glossary-15
TCP/IP, definition, Glossary-15
Text Color, Changing, 7-10
thread, definition, Glossary-15
transformations, 2-7
Transformer API, 8-6
Transforming Data to XML, reasons for, 8-5
Transviewer, definition, Glossary-15


UI, definition, Glossary-15
Uniform Resource Identifier, definition, Glossary-15
Uniform Resource Locator, definition, Glossary-15
URI, definition, Glossary-15
URL, definition, Glossary-15
user interface, definition, Glossary-15


valid, definition, Glossary-16
Viewer, Discoverer, 7-2
Viewing Changes to a Stylesheet, 7-21


W3C XML Recommendations
Recommendations, W3C, A-2
W3C, definition, Glossary-16
WAN, definition, Glossary-16
Web Request Broker, definition, Glossary-16
Web to database, 2-12
well-formed, definition, Glossary-16
WG, definition, Glossary-16
why use Oracle8i XML?, 1-8
wide area network, definition, Glossary-16
wireless edition, 4-20
WIreless Edition (WE)
adapter classes, 3-16
Wireless Edition (WE)
adapters, 3-7
Java transformers, 3-20
overview, 3-2
portal-to-go components, 3-2
Simple Result DTD, 3-12
transformers, 3-8
XSL stylesheet transformers, 3-23
Wireless Edition(WE)
supported devices and gateways, 3-2
Workbooks, 7-12
World Wide Web Consortium, definition, Glossary-16
Wrapper, definition, Glossary-16
WRB, definition, Glossary-16, 8-177


XDK, definition, Glossary-17
XLink, definition, Glossary-17
authored, 2-2
customizing presentation, 4-1
design issues, 2-11
generated, 2-2
Oracle XML, 1-2
XML data
sending, 2-12
XML Developer's Kit, definition, Glossary-17
XML documents
communicating, 2-12
XML Family, A-3
XML features
features of,XML, A-4
XML flight finder sample application, 4-2
XML messaging
phone number portability, 9-1
XML Namespaces
Namespaces,XML, A-2
XML Query
Query,XML, A-2
XML query, definition, Glossary-17
XML references, 7-22
XML Schema, A-2
XML schema, definition, Glossary-17
XML schemas, 2-8
XML, definition, Glossary-6
XML, loading, 2-14
XML-Based Standards, A-3
database support, 1-5
XPath, A-2
XPath, definition, Glossary-17
XPointer, A-2
XPointer, definition, Glossary-17
XSL, 7-22
XSL Editor, IBM, 7-20
XSL Editors, 7-20
XSL Management Scripts, 8-85
XSL Stylesheet Table, 8-22
XSL -TProcessor, 7-20
XSL, definition, Glossary-6
XSLFO, definition, Glossary-6
XSL-T Processors, 7-20
XSLT, definition, Glossary-6
XSQL Servlet, 8-3
processing queries in Flight Finder, 4-6
XSQL, definition, Glossary-18
XSQLConfig.xml, 8-142

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