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About the Ultra Search Query Application

Ultra Search includes a fully functional query application for users to query and display search results. The query application is written as a Java Server Page (JSP) application. The JSP application will work with any JSP1.0 compliant engine.

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When the user issues a query, a hitlist containing query results is returned. The user can select a document to view from the hitlist. A hitlist can include HTML documents, files, database table content, or archived emails. The Ultra Search query application also incorporates an email browser for reading and browsing emails.

The Ultra Search Administration Tool and the Ultra Search query application are part of the Ultra Search Middle-tier Components module. However, the Ultra Search Administration Tool is independent from the Ultra Search Query Application. Therefore, they can be hosted on different machines to enhance security or scalability.

If you do not want to use the Ultra Search Query Application, you can build your own query application by directly invoking the Ultra Search Java Query API. Because the API is coded in Java, you can invoke the API methods from any Java based appication such as from a Java Servlet or a Java Server Page (as in the case of the provided sample query application). For rendering emails that have been crawled and indexed, you can also directly invoke the Ultra Search Java Email API methods.

The sample query application files are listed in a readme file located at $ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/sample/sample_readme.html.

Java Server Page (JSP) Query Application

You can find the JSP sample query application in the $ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/sample/jsp directory. This directory contains a non-framed global search gsearch.jsp and a framed global search gsearchf.jsp. You can also find the JSP pages that enable email rendering.

Java Server Page Concepts

As mentioned above, you can use JSP code and the supplied Java APIs to create your web application. Typically, your web application will run within an application server such as Oracle Internet Application Server. The application server typically runs on a separate machine from the Oracle 9i Server for performance and scalability reasons. The Oracle 9i Server holds the Ultra Search indexes.

JSP applications are compiled into Java Servlets at runtime. The compiled Servlets run within one or more Java Virtual Machine processes. The JSP application communicates with the Oracle 9i Server via the Oracle JDBC driver.

As in any Java application, you must include the following files in your Servlet engine classpath to use the Java Query and Email APIs:

  1. $ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/lib/isearch_query.jar
  2. $ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/lib/mail.jar
  3. $ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/lib/activation.jar

You must also set up an alias (virtual path) on your web server to map URLs to your JSP query application root directory. If you install Ultra Search with the Oracle HTTP Server, these customizations are automatically done for you.

Figure 9 shows how your web query application calls the Ultra Search Java Query API.

Figure 9: Calling Java Server Pages

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