The Network dialog contains the Identification, Services, Protocols, Adapters, and Bindings tabs.

In this illustration, the Bindings tab of the Network dialog displays the bindings for the services, protocols and adapters available. There is a text description field describing bindings in the upper part of the dialog.

"The Show Bindings for" drop-down list is set to "all services".

The bindings displayed include:

The Server binding in the dialog has been expanded by double-clicking to show available protocols for the Server. The protocols in the expanded tree are WINS Client(TCP/IP), NetBEUI Protocol, NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport, and NWLink NetBIOS.

Select a binding listed in the Bindings box, then choose the Enable, Disable, Move up, or Move Down button.

At the bottom of the dialog, there OK and Cancel buttons.

The ? button at the top right provides access to Windows online help.