Screen shot of Oracle Database Configuration Assistant, 
Step 5 of 7: Initialization Parameters

The window has four tabs: Memory, Archive, DB Sizing, and File Locations.
The Memory tab is currently chosen. It offers Typical and Custom radio buttons.

The Typical option has two data fields, a pull-down list, and one button 
titled "Show distribution of SGA..." The data fields are for Maximum number 
of connected users: and Percentage of physical memory for Oracle: The pull-down 
list is for Database Type: (Multipurpose is currently selected.)

The Custom option has four data fields titled Shared Pool, Buffer Cache, Java Pool, 
and Large Pool. To the right of each data field are Up and Down arrow buttons and 
a pull-down list offering Bytes or M Bytes. Under the data fields is the text "Total 
Memory for Oracle: 113 M Bytes"

At the bottom of the window are seven buttons: All Initialization Parameters..., File 
Location Variables..., Cancel, Help, Back, Next, and Finish.