Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library
Release 9.0.1

Part Number A90172-01


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About Sample Code and Applications

The sample code and applications for Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Library are installed in the following directories:




For the sample applications shipped with Oracle Objects for OLE and most of the sample code in this file, the following rules apply:

The user
scott with password tiger are used to connect to the database.

The network alias
ExampleDb is used as the database name. Those examples that do not use the ExampleDB database reference other databases, for one illustrative purpose or another.

The data tables referenced are the standard Oracle demonstration tables that can be created by the script
demobld7.sql located in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\oo4o directory. These tables and views can be dropped by the script demodrp7.sql.

The stored procedures referenced can be created by the script

Note: To run the sample code, you need to set up MS VC++ to point to the Oracle Object for OLE header files and libraries. For Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0, use the Options item in the Tools menu to set up the directories (Executable, Include, Library, Source) to point to the Oracle Objects for OLE files that you need, such as:

oraclm32.dll in ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\bin

oraclm32.lib in ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\oo4o\cpp\lib

obound.h and oracl.h in ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\oo4o\cpp\include

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