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Asynchronous Processing

In OO4O Automation, you can execute commands using asynchronous processing. This enables you to execute SQL statements and PL/SQL blocks in non-blocking mode. Non-blocking mode is an option of the CreateSQL method.

Non-Blocking Mode

In non-blocking mode, control is returned to the application immediately even if the execution is not complete. This allows the application to execute other tasks which are not dependent on the results of the last execution.

To enable non-blocking mode, pass in ORASQL_NONBLK option to CreateSQL while creating the
OraSqlStmt object. If this mode is not specified, the OraSqlStmt executes in blocking mode (default behavior).

'Create the statement in NON-BLOCKING mode

OraSQL = Oradb.CreateSQL("delete from emp",ORASQL_NONBLK)

An OraSqlStmt object created in non-blocking mode executes in non-blocking mode for the lifetime of the object.

Checking the Status of a Non-Blocking Operation

Canceling a Non-Blocking Operation

Executing Multiple Queries in Asynchronous Mode

Limitations on Non-Blocking

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