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Checking the Business Event System Setup

Use the Check Setup web page to verify that the required parameters and components have been set up to enable message propagation for the Business Event System.

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Attention: This URL accesses a secured page, so if you have not yet logged on as valid user in the current web session, you will be prompted to do so before the page appears. You must have workflow administrator privileges to access the Event Manager web pages.

Note: You can also access the Check Setup web page from the Oracle Workflow home page. See: Accessing the Oracle Workflow Home Page.

Note: Because the JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL parameter is desupported in Oracle9i, the Check Setup page does not display this parameter if you are using Oracle9i, and you do not need to set a value for it.

Note: You can use another initialization parameter, EVENT, for detailed database level tracing of issues related to AQ. Add the following line to your init.ora file:

		  event = "24040 trace name context forever, level 10"

Then restart your database to make this change effective. Be aware that using this parameter may generate large trace files.

Note: Ensure that the database link names used in your agents' addresses are exactly the same as the database link names specified when the database links were created.

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