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Step 12 Adding Custom Icons to Oracle Workflow

Oracle Workflow Builder looks for icons in the Icon subdirectory of the Oracle Workflow area on your PC. The Icon subdirectory is defined in the registry of Oracle Workflow Builder. The Oracle Workflow area is typically the Wf subdirectory within your ORACLE_HOME directory structure.

Workflow provides a variety of icons that you can use with your activities and processes. You can add any icon files to this area as long as they are Windows icon files with the .ico suffix.

If you want the custom icons that you include in your Oracle Workflow Builder process definition to appear in the Workflow Monitor when you view the process, you must do the following:

Note: If you are using Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, the mapping of /OA_MEDIA/ is completed as part of the Oracle Applications installation and setup steps.

Note: If you are using the standalone version of Oracle Workflow, the mapping of /OA_MEDIA/ is completed after you install the Oracle Workflow server and you set up the Workflow Monitor.

Context: You need to perform this step only once.

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