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Special Handling of Voting Activities

A voting activity by definition is a notification activity that:

Once the Notification System sends the notification for a voting activity, it marks the voting activity's status as 'NOTIFIED'. The voting activity's status is updated to 'WAITING' as soon as some responses are received, but not enough responses are received to satisfy the voting criteria.

The individual role members that each receive a copy of the notification message can then respond or forward the notification if they use either of the two notification interfaces to view the notification. They can also transfer the notification if they use the Notifications web page.

The notification user interface calls the appropriate Respond(), Forward(), or Transfer() API depending on the action that the performer takes. Each API in turn calls the notification callback function to execute the post-notification function in RESPOND, FORWARD, or TRANSFER mode, respectively. When the Notification System finishes executing the post-notification function in FORWARD or TRANSFER mode, it carries out the Forward or Transfer operation, respectively.

When the Notification System completes execution of the post-notification function in RESPOND mode, the Workflow Engine then runs the post-notification function again in RUN mode. It calls the function in RUN mode after all responses are received to execute the vote tallying logic.

Also if the voting activity is reset to be reexecuted as part of a loop, or if it times out, the Workflow Engine runs the post-notification function in CANCEL or TIMEOUT mode, respectively. The logic for TIMEOUT mode in a voting activity's post-notification function should identify how to tally the votes received up until the timeout.

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