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Submit Concurrent Program Activity

The Submit Concurrent Program activity is available only in the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications. It submits an Oracle Applications concurrent program from your workflow process, but does not wait for it to execute or complete. Once this activity submits a concurrent request, the Workflow Engine continues with the next activity in the process.

Attention: Generally, the context for your process' item type is always set if your session is initiated from an Oracle Applications form. However, if an interrupt occurs in your session, for example, due to a notification or blocking activity, you must ensure that the context is set by calling FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE(user_id, resp_id, resp_appl_id) in SET_CTX mode in your Selector/Callback function. See: Standard API for an Item Type Selector or Callback Function.

The Submit Concurrent Program activity calls the standard Oracle Application Object Library API FND_WF_STANDARD.SUBMITCONCPROGRAM.

Activity Attributes

The Submit Concurrent Program activity has the following activity attributes:

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