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Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data Concurrent Program

If you are using the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, you can submit the Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data concurrent program to purge obsolete item type runtime status information. Use the Submit Requests form in Oracle Applications to submit this concurrent program.

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itemtype Item type associated with the obsolete runtime data you want to delete. Leave this argument null to delete obsolete runtime data for all item types.
itemkey A string generated from the application object's primary key. The string uniquely identifies the item within an item type. If null, the program purges all items in the specified itemtype.
age Minimum age of data to purge, in days, if x_persistence_type is set to 'TEMP'. The default is 0.
x_persistence_type Persistence type to be purged, either 'TEMP' for Temporary or 'PERM' for Permanent. The default is 'TEMP'.

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