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Oracle Workflow Client Hardware and Software Requirements

The client components of Oracle Workflow require the following hardware and software configurations.

Oracle Workflow Builder

Oracle Workflow Builder is a GUI tool that allows you to create and edit workflow definitions on a PC running either Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows NT. A workflow definition can be saved to a flat file or to your Workflow Server database if you have Oracle Net installed on your PC. Oracle Workflow Builder requires the following hardware and software configurations:

Warning: Please follow the necessary security precautions against viruses and unauthorized access when installing any software that allows remote access.

Note: The Oracle TCP/IP Protocol Adapter requires and only supports the use of Microsoft's TCP/IP drivers.

Note: Oracle Workflow Builder is not supported on Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Note: Oracle Workflow Builder currently cannot be installed on a central file server or be shared by other client PCs over the network.

Notification Mailer

Oracle Workflow Notifications

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