Oracle Internet Directory Installation Guide
Release 2.1.1 for UNIX

Part Number A88797-01



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1 System Requirements

Installation Overview
System Installation Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Operating System Software Requirements
Additional Oracle Internet Directory-Specific Installation Requirements
Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions
Using Hummingbird Exceed
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Character Mode
File Systems
Solaris 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5

2 Pre-Installation

UNIX System Configuration
Understanding Setup Tasks
Setup Tasks to Perform as the root User
Setup Tasks to Perform as the oracle User
Setup Tasks for Oracle Internet Directory

3 Installation

Oracle Universal Installer
Mount the Oracle Internet Directory CD-ROM
Start Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
Performing the Installation
Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session
Cleaning Up After a Failed Installation
Non-Interactive (Silent) Installation and Configuration
Specifying a Response File
First time Installation in Silent Mode
Error Handling
Validation of Values from Response File

4 Post-Installation

User Passwords
Configuration Tasks to Perform as the root User
Configuration Tasks to Perform as the oracle User
Update UNIX Account Startup Files
Configuration Environment Variables
Set Initialization Parameters
Post-Installation for Oracle Internet Directory
Reviewing Installed Starter Database Contents
Database Identification
Tablespaces and Datafiles
Initialization Parameter File
Redo Log Files
Control Files
Rollback Segments
Data Dictionary
Deinstalling Oracle Internet Directory


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