Oracle Internet Directory Installation Guide
Release 2.1.1 for Windows NT/2000

Part Number A87557-01



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1 System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
System Requirements for Oracle Internet Directory, FAT, and NTFS

2 Preinstallation Requirements

Installation Differences Between Windows NT and UNIX
Keyboard Navigation
Preinstallation Tasks
Preinstallation Requirements for Oracle Internet Directory

3 Installation

Installing Oracle Components
Installing Oracle Internet Directory Client
Installing Oracle Internet Directory
Installing Oracle Internet Directory for the First Time
Upgrading Oracle Internet Directory
Installing Oracle Components in Noninteractive Mode
Copying and Modifying a Response File
Running Oracle Universal Installer and Specifying a Response File

4 Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

Setting NTFS File System and Windows NT Registry Permissions
NTFS File System Security
Windows NT Registry Security
Oracle Internet Directory Postinstallation Configuration Tasks

5 Deinstalling Oracle Components

Deinstalling Oracle Components with Oracle Universal Installer
Task 1: Deinstall Net8, Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle8i Database Registry Entries
Stopping Oracle Windows NT Services
Deinstalling Oracle Internet Directory Services
Deinstalling the Oracle8i Database and Registry Entries
Task 2: Deinstall Components with Oracle Universal Installer
Manually Removing All Oracle Components and Services from Your Computer
Removing Components on Windows NT
Removing Components on Windows 95 or Windows 98


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