Oracle9i Application Server Release Notes
Release for Windows NT/2000

Part Number A92199-01


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1 Summary of Changes and New Features

Purpose of this Document
Product Naming
Certification Information
JDK/JRE Certification
Oracle9iAS WIreless Data Server Support
New Features
Internet Applications New Features
Oracle HTTP Server
Note About Apache JServ Processes
Note About Oracle HTTP Server Status
Support for Third Party Components in Oracle9iAS
Building mod_perl DBI/DBD-Oracle and Apache::DBI
Current OJSP Available
Wireless New Features
Oracle9iAS Wireless
Oracle9iAS Wireless
New Search/Sort Feature Introduced into Service Designer
System Logger
E-mail and Directory Applications
Multiple VM Setup for Oracle9iAS Wireless
Management New Features
Oracle Internet Directory
New Version of Oracle Internet Directory Available
E-Business Integration New Features
Oracle9iAS Integration
Oracle9iAS InterConnect
Known Issues
Installation Issues
Oracle Plug-In for MIcrosoft IIS Not Installed with Oracle9iAS Minimal Edition
Known Limitations with Running Oracle9iAS Against a 9i Database
Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Assistant Stops During Installation
JDBC Thin Driver Patch Required
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Viewer
Oracle9iAS DIscoverer URLs Invalid after Installation
Oracle9iAS Discoverer Objects Must Be Registered
Required Database Versions for Oracle9iAS Portal
Oracle9iAS Portal Installation Error
Oracle9iAS Portal Installation Requires Syntax Requirement for Shared Pool Size
Manual Setting of Oracle9i Database Initialization Parameter Required
Standard Edition Migration Installation Hangs at NET8 Configuration
De-Installation/Cleanup Procedure
Errors Opening redo Logs after Installation
Help Screen Does Not Close in OUI
Path Modification in FormsServlet.InitArgs Required
Standard Edition Character Set
Deploying Enterprise JavaBeans to Oracle9iAS
Running databasesetup.bat FIle Path Correction file Configuration Location
Long Pathname in TEMP environment variable Causes Installation Error
Oracle Developer 60 Folder Not Accessible Error
Language Settings in Developer Server Must be Set Manually
Oracle9iAS Database Cache Installation Errors
Oracle9iAS Database Cache Configuration
Preserving Changes to Oracle HTTP Server Configuration on Re-installation in Same Oracle Home
Apache Configuration Error Upon Installation
HTTP Server Failure after Oracle Forms, Reports, and Discoverer Patch Installation
Oracle Home Setting Conflict in file
Configuration Assistant Failure with Standard Edition Default Large Pool Size
Variable Setting Required to Run Multiple Portal Instances on One Machine
Oracle9iAS Portal 3.0.9 Installation Fails When Running Against Oracle9i Database
Silent Installation of Oracle9iAS Database Cache Requires ntadminpw
Silent Installation of Oracle9iAS Wireless Not Supported
JServ.conf Addition
JDBC Driver Patch Required to use Oracle9i Database
Oracle Forms, Reports and Discoverer Patch Installation
Deinstallation and Migration Issues
Corrections to Terminology in Oracle9iAS Installation Guides
Oracle Installer Cannot Deinstall Required Support Files
OraInventory Directory Requires Backup Before Migration
Error When Starting Oracle HTTP Server
Forms Patch 3 Installation May Pause in Release 1 (v1.0.2.1) Migrations
Upgrading Oracle9iAS Wireless
Reinstallation of Oracle9i Wireless
Oracle9i AS Wireless Requires Oracle9i Database Migration
SOAP Release Notes and Documentation Link Inactive
nmxw.ora Instantiation Required After Migration
Internet Applications Solution Area Issues
Oracle HTTP Server
JServ Processes Startup Fails With JDK Version 1.1.8
Warning Message In ssl_engine_log File Wrong
Recommended Access Restrictions for HTTP Server mod_oprocmgr
Oracle HTTP Server Crashes when Services Window Used to Stop or Restart
mod_ose Causes apache -k restart Command Malfunction
FastCGI Restarts Scripts Containing Errors
Global Server IDs for Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache
Oracle Demo Certificates Replacement
Errors Starting Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache with "APCHECTL -START" When Using Virtual Hosts
Increasing Memory for Apache JServ Applications
JServ Availability on Windows 2000
mod_plsql Requirement
Problems with mod_plsql Under Moderate Load
mod_plsql Caching Error
Restoring Oracle Application Server OWA Packages
Executing the owaload.sql script
Known Issues with mod_plsql on Windows NT
mod_plsql Document Upload Fails if cursor_sharing parameter set to "similar"
Known Issue in Upgrading from to
mod_rewrite Security Vulnerability
openssl Command -config Option Requirement
No Support for CA Facilities of OpenSSL
mod_ssl Limitations
HTTP Server Insfrastructure Watcher May Suspend JVM
Valid Servlet Requests Fail on Second Request Using Same URL
DMS Clients Require Configuration Change
Oracle9iAS Forms Services
Oracle9iAS Forms ListenerServlet Requires Patch
Enhancing Forms and Reports Scalability
JInitiator HTTP(S) Limitations
Internet Explorer 5.0 Native JVM Limitations
Oracle9iAS Forms Services non-SSL Listener Requirement
Oracle 9iAS Forms/Enterprise Manager Limitations
Patch for Oracle9i Database When Using ADTs and char Fields in Compound Key
Portals Solution Area Issues
Oracle9iAS Portal
Oracle9iAS Portal Online Help Not Installed
Fully Qualified Domain Requirement in tnsnames.ora
Report Output Requirement
Duplicate Entries for Portal and Forms in file Cause Connection Failures
Wireless Solution Area Issues
Oracle9iAS Wireless
New Search/Sort Feature Introduced into Service Designer
Testing Wizard
JDBC Driver
Supported Devices and Gateways
Third Party Location Service Providers
Database Connections
Bootstrap Repository Provisioning Service
SQL Adapter Master Services
Bookmarks in the Personalization Portal
Service Designer Folder Contents Display
Multibyte Character Set Support for the Web Integration Server
Multibyte Character Set Support for the Web Integration Developer
Transformer Testing Tool
Web Integration Components and JDK
Failed to Load Large XML File from Service Designer in Oracle9iAS Wireless
Personalization Portal
Caching Solution Area Issues
Oracle9iAS Database Cache
Configuration Assistant Considers Empty String Invalid for NT Administrator Password
Using Oracle9iAS Database Cache with Servlets
loadjava Limitation in Oracle9iAS Database Cache Environment
Changes to tnsnames.ora and init.ora Requirement
Oracle9iAS Database Cache Configuration Assistant Failure
Oracle9iAS Cache Stops Responding When Caching a Table That Contains a Context Index
Cache Environment Variable Setting
Preserving Original orawtc8.dll Before Applying NT Patchset
Web Cache
Configuration Assumes Incorrect Listener Port
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Core Dumps if Capacity Parameter Too Low
Business Intelligence Solution Area Issues
Oracle9iAS Reports Services
Reports Service Fails to Start
Oracle9iAS Discoverer
"Communication Error or Internal ORB Error" When Starting Oracle9iAS Discoverer 3i Viewer
Discoverer 3.x to 4.x Migration Causes Installation to Fail
Management Solution Area Issues
Oracle Enterprise Manager
Error Returned When Accessing Oracle Enterprise Manager Through a Browser
Direct Connect Not Supported for Web Servers
E-Business Integration Solution Area Issues
Oracle9iAS Unified Messaging
Oracle9iAS Email Installation Guide for Windows NT Available on OTN
Full Path Needed Instead of Variable Name in Configuration Files
Oracle Workflow
Connect String Needed for Oracle Workflow
Oracle Internet File System
Post-configuration Steps Required for Oracle Internet File System
Configuring Oracle9i File System and Oracle9iAS Email to run on the same machine
Long Startup TIme for Oracle9i File System
Oracle9iAS InterConnect
Recommended init.ora values
Oracle9i Developer Suite
Oracle9i Developer Suite Database Port Conflict
Selecting Destination Oracle Homes With Oracle9i Developer Suite Installed on the Same System as Oracle9i Application Server
Configuring Environment When Installing Oracle9i Developer Suite and Oracle9i Application Server in Same Oracle Home
Examples and Demos
Demo Limitations
OracleJSP Demos
OracleJSP Demos: SAMPLE3.JSP
OracleJSP Demos: XML QUERY
Oracle Business Components for Java Demo Failure
National Language Support (NLS) Issues
NLS_LANG Environment Variable
NLS Parameters in the initicache.ora File
NLS Limitations
NLS Translations in Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
Configuration Assistant Language Limitation

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