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Oracle9i Reports Release Notes (Patch 4)
Release 4 (9.0.2)
Part Number B13551-01



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1 Patch Release 4

1.1 Enhancements in Patch Release 4
1.1.1 Resolving font alignment issues in R-T-L PDF font subsetting
1.2 Enhancements in Previous Patch Releases
1.2.1 Setting the Format Order of a Report SRW.SET_FORMAT_ORDER
1.2.2 Turning on Component Tracing
1.2.3 Improving Image Resolution of Graphs Output to a PDF file or a Printer
1.2.4 Setting the JVM options in Oracle9i Reports
1.2.5 Specifying a BiDi-related Algorithm
1.2.6 Printing the Delimited Character at the End of the Report
1.2.7 Printing Collated / Non-Collated pages
1.2.8 Dynamic Environment Switching environment Element defaultEnvId Attribute Examples engineResponseTimeOut Parameter DelimitedData DESFORMAT
1.2.9 Running a Report to Reports Server Asynchronously
1.3 Information About Important Bug Fixes and Workarounds in Patch Release 4
1.3.1 Running a multibyte report with the WE8ISO8859P15 character set
1.3.2 Standardizing the error message template character set
1.3.3 Specifying the character encoding for reports output using rwservlet
1.3.4 Specifying jobwise database connection information

2 General Issues and Workarounds

2.1 Migration
2.2 Deprecated Features from Earlier Versions
2.3 (UNIX)
2.4 Using the Hotspot JVM Instead of Classic
2.5 Spaces in HTML Output
2.6 Printing Reports Without Hardware-based Left Margins on Windows
2.7 Inserting Multiple Report Blocks In Web Source
2.8 PDF Font Sub Setting
2.9 Supported Data Types in Pluggable Data Sources
2.10 Links Between Queries Using Pluggable Data Sources
2.11 Oracle9iAS Portal Portlet/Page Parameters
2.11.1 Customize Page
2.12 Report Portlet and Netscape Communicator 4.7 on UNIX
2.13 Setting the Size of the Report Portlet on Windows
2.14 Destination Parameter and Microsoft Internet Explorer
2.15 Order of Parameters in a URL
2.16 Accessing Web Commands With DIAGNOSTIC set to NO
2.17 Templates
2.18 Oracle9iAS Portal Security, Portal Destination, and Job Status Repository
2.19 Import Oracle9iAS Portal Component
2.20 JDeveloper Integration
2.20.1 Deadlock when debugging JSP reports in Oracle JDeveloper
2.20.2 Graph not appearing in Oracle JDeveloper
2.20.3 Reports In-Process Server
2.21 Oracle9iAS Forms Services Integration
2.22 URL Encoding
2.23 Command Line Arguments
2.23.1 ENVID
2.23.2 engineResponseTimeOut
2.24 Built-ins
2.25 Default Character Set for JSPs
2.27 Java Importer
2.28 Buttons
2.29 Parameter Forms
2.30 RTF Output in Microsoft Word 95 for Japanese
2.31 Bold Korean Font Not Appearing Correctly

3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

3.1 Reports Configuration Assistant Fails during Installation
3.2 Reports CGI Not Starting on Windows
3.3 In-process Server Not Starting on Linux
3.4 Reports Server Installed with Reports Builder
3.5 Running JSP Reports from Oracle9iAS Portal
3.7 X-terminals and Graphical Terminals
3.9 Oracle Reports 6i Access to Oracle9iAS Reports Services

4 UI Issues and Workarounds

4.1 Source Control (Windows only)
4.1.1 Check In/Check Out Restriction
4.2 Some Languages Not Appearing Correctly in Web Source View
4.3 Find/Replace in Web Source View for Asian Languages Causes Crash
4.4 Documentation Errata

5 Oracle Enterprise Manager

5.1 Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration
5.2 Reports Server Main Page
5.3 Reports Server Performance Page
5.4 Reports Server Queue Page
5.5 Reports Server Scheduled Job Queue Page
5.6 Reports Server Finished Job Queue Page
5.7 Reports Server Configuration Page
5.8 Reports Server Failed Job Queue Page
5.9 Job Trace Page
5.10 Reports Server Trace Page
5.11 Reports Server Log Page

6 Oracle Express Pluggable Data Source

6.1 Before You Begin
6.2 Preparing for Express Connections
6.2.1 Creating connection files
6.2.2 Related information
6.2.3 Using an already installed version of the Express Connection Editor
6.2.4 Downloading a file from OTN to install just the Express Connection Editor
6.2.5 Install just the Express Connection Editor from the Express Client CD
6.2.6 Create the files manually using a text editor
6.2.7 XCF file settings
6.2.8 Sample connection files
6.3 Known Issues

A Fixes and Workarounds for