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See New Features on the Oracle9iAS Welcome Page for more on Oracle9iAS innovation in this solution area.

For more information on creating personalized portals, see Oracle9iAS Concepts in the Oracle9i Application Server Documentation Library.
Lesson Summary
  • Oracle9iAS Portal is a simple browser-based environment for building and deploying enterprise information portals.
  • A portal page consists of multiple portlets, which are regions of the page that provide dynamic access to any Web-based resource.
  • The multithreaded servlet in the portal cache aggregates metadata from a database server and portlets from content providers to form portal pages.
  • Oracle9iAS Portal provides a simple self-service publishing environment to avoid Webmaster bottlenecks.
  • Users can customize portal pages by adding, deleting or rearranging portlets, and modifying other page attributes.
  • Oracle9iAS Portal provides single signon and secure HTTPS connections.
  • Oracle9iAS Portal includes both pre-built portlets and partner portlets from many other providers.
  • Organizations can build and deploy additional portlets using Java, PL/SQL, or XML.