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XML Deployment Descriptors

To deploy your Enterprise JavaBean component into the database, you must provide the appropriate deployment descriptors. There are two possible deployment descriptors. Both deployment descriptors are written using XML notation.


All values entered in either deployment descriptor are case sensitive. This includes usernames and passwords.  

The following table describes both deployment descriptors:

Deployment Descriptor   Required/

Enterprise JavaBean Deployment Descriptor  


This deployment descriptor is defined by Sun Microsystems's Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1 specification. It contains information on the names and features for the bean.  

Oracle-Specific Deployment Descriptor  


The Oracle-specific deployment descriptor contains information specific to beans deployed in an Oracle8i database. It is required only if one of the following is true:

  • The names provided within the XML deployment descriptor can be logical names and not the actual names.

  • If you need to specify the <run-as> element. This was an EJB 1.0 feature that is supported within the Oracle-specific deployment descriptor.

  • If you use container-managed persistence for your bean, the persistence manager and container managed fields are defined within the Oracle-specific deployment descriptor.


This appendix briefly describes the sections within both of the deployment descriptors. For more information on the Sun Microsystems's XML deployment descriptor, see the "Deployment Descriptor" chapter in the Enterprise Javabeans 1.1 specification located at For more information on the Oracle-specific deployment descriptor, see "DTD for Oracle-Specific Deployment Descriptor".

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