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Building the B2B XML Application: Overview

This XML application and demo illustrates a content management and B2B Messaging implementation. The main transactions in this application are as follows:


Retailers (R) need to automate the ordering of goods from several suppliers (Supplier (S)) and be able to place the order view the order status from any device.


This solution implements the following:

Tasks Identified

The main tasks are shown in Figure 13-2.

  1. The Retailer enters an order from their Browser, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), or cell phone.

  2. When the Retailer validates his order, the order is transformed into XML using the XSQL Servlet.

  3. The Retailer application sends the XML order to the AQ Broker.

  4. AQ messaging is used to send the XML order data. The retailer views their order status as "Pending". AQ Broker reformats the XML order into a format understood by the Supplier.

  5. The Supplier application inserts the order into the Supplier database.

  6. The Supplier application parses the order and sends an alert to the Supplier that an order has been received and is waiting processing.

  7. Once the Supplier hits "Shipped" on his screen, AQ messaging is used to return the XML order status data to the AQ Broker. The AQ Broker transforms the returned XML Order status into a format recognized by the Retailer.

  8. The Supplier receives the reformatted XML order status message. The Retailer application updates the Retailer database with the new order status. The Retailer views the order status, which is now "Shipped".

The detailed tasks involved, screens viewed, and scripts used, are described in "Running the B2B XML Application: Detailed Procedure". and illustrated in Figure 13-2, "B2B XML Application: Main Components"

XML and Oracle Components Used

Tools Used



No pre-authored (static) XML documents are used in this B2B XML application. All XML documents in this application are dynamically generated from the database. 

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