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Using XML Transviewer Beans, 12 of 15

Setting Up Your Environment to Run the Samples

To use the database connectivity feature in this program, you must know the following:

You also need an account with CREATE TABLE privilege.

You can try the default account scott with password tiger if it still enabled on your Oracle8i system.

Running Makefile

The following is the makefile script:

# Makefile for sample java files

.SUFFIXES : .java .class

CLASSES = ViewSample.class  AsyncTransformSample.class 

# Change it to the appropriate separator based on the OS 

# Change this path to your JDK location. If you use JDK 1.1, you will need
# to download also Swing 1.1 and add swingall.jar to your classpath.
# You do not need to do this for JDK 1.2 since Swing is part of JDK 1.2
JDKPATH = /usr/local/packages/jdk1.2

# Make sure that the following product jar/zip files are in the classpath:
# - Oracle JDBC driver for thin client (file
# - Oracle XML SQL Utility (file oraclexmlsql.jar)
# You can download this products from

	$(JDKPATH)/bin/javac -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)" $<

# make all class files
all: $(CLASSES)

sample1: XMLTransformPanelSample.class
	$(JDKPATH)/bin/java -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)" XMLTransformPanelSample
sample2: ViewSample.class
	$(JDKPATH)/bin/java -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)" ViewSample
sample3: AsyncTransformSample.class
	$(JDKPATH)/bin/java -classpath "$(CLASSPATH)" AsyncTransformSample

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