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XDK for Java: XML Transviewer Bean Features

XML Transviewer Beans facilitate the addition of graphical or visual interfaces to your XML applications.

Direct Access from JDeveloper

Bean encapsulation includes documentation and descriptors that can be accessed directly from Java Integrated Development Environments like JDeveloper.

Sample Transviewer Bean Application is Included

A sample application that demonstrates all of the beans to create a simple XML editor and XSL transformer is included with your software.

The included sample application with XML-SQL Utility (XSU) cause the following:

Database Connectivity

Database Connectivity is included with the XML Transviewer Beans. The beans can now connect directly to a JDBC-enabled database to retrieve and store XML and XSL files.

XML Transviewer Beans

XML Transviewer Beans are comprised of the following five beans:

DOM Builder Bean

The DOM Builder Bean is a non visual bean. It builds a DOMTree from an XML document.

DOM Builder Bean encapsulates the XML Parser for Java's DOMParser class with a bean interface, and extends its functionality to permit asynchronous parsing. By registering a listener, Java applications can parse large or successive documents having control return immediately to the caller. See "Using DOMBuilder Bean (Async API)" .

XSL Transformer Bean

The XSL Transformer Bean is a non-visual bean. It accepts an XML file, applies the transformation specified by an input XSL stylesheet, and creates the resulting output file.

XSL Transformer Bean enables you to transform an XML document to almost any text-based format including XML, HTML and DDL, by applying the appropriate XSL stylesheet.

See "Using XSL Transformer Bean (oracle.xml.async API)".

Tree Viewer Bean

The Tree Viewer Bean displays XML formatted files graphically as a tree. The branches and leaves of this tree can be manipulated with a mouse. See "Using Treeviewer Bean (XMLTreeView() API)" .

XML Source Viewer Bean

The XML Source Viewer Bean is a visual Java bean. It allows visualization of XML documents and editing. It enables the display of XML and XSL formatted files with color syntax highlighting when modifying an XML document with an editing application. This helps view and edit the files. It can be easily integrated with DOM Builder Bean, and allows for pre or post parsing, and validation against a specified DTD. See "Using XMLSourceView Bean (oracle.xml.srcviewer API)" .

XMLTransformPanel Bean

A visual Java bean that applies XSL transformations on XML documents and shows the results. It allows editing of XML and XSL input files. See "Using XMLTransformPanel() Bean (oracle.xml.transviewer API)" .

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