Oracle Forms Server Release 6i:
Deploying Forms Applications to the Web with iAS
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Installing Forms Server

4.1 Introduction

Forms Server is installed as part of the Enterprise Edition of the Oracle Internet Application Server. The Enterprise Edition is recommended for medium to large sized websites that handle a high volume of transactions.

For more detailed information about installing Forms Server, refer to the Oracle Internet Application Server Installation Guide. All necessary requirements and tasks are documented in the installation guide.

4.2 About the Oracle Universal Installer

Oracle Internet Application Server uses the Oracle Universal Installer, a Java-based tool, to configure environment variables and to install components. The installer guides you through each step of the installation process, so you can choose different configuration options.

The installer includes features that perform the following tasks:

4.3 Starting Forms Server

After installation is completed, the Forms Server is started automatically.

To manually start the Forms Server, type:

<ORACLE_HOME>/6iserver/ forms60_server start

To stop the Forms Server, type:

<ORACLE_HOME>/6iserver/ forms60_server stop

4.4 What's Next

To actually deploy your applications, you must perform several steps, which include creating your runtime executable files, deploying the executable files on your Web server, and broadcasting your application's URL. These steps are described in Chapter 6, "Deploying Forms to the Web".

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