Oracle Forms Server Release 6i:
Deploying Forms Applications to the Web with iAS
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Deploying Forms Applications to the Web with Oracle Internet Application Server

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for software developers who are interested in deploying Forms applications to the Web with the Oracle Internet Application Server.


This manual contains the following chapters and appendices:

Chapter 1  


Explains the benefits of deploying applications to the Web. 

Chapter 2 

Overview of Forms Server

Introduces you to the deployment tools that you will be using by providing an overview of Forms Server architecture and its components. 

Chapter 3 

Preview of Configuration Choices

Presents a preview of configurations choices that you will face when deploying applications to the Web. 

Chapter 4  

Installing Forms Server

Describes Forms Server's installation through the Oracle Universal Installer. 

Chapter 5 

Configuring the Forms Server

Describes the steps necessary to manually configure your network environment to support the Forms Server. 

Chapter 6 

Deploying Forms to the Web

Describes the steps you must perform to deploy your applications to the Web, such as creating the executable files and broadcasting the application's URL. 

Chapter 7 

Application Design Considerations

Contains guidelines and tips for designing Forms applications for Web deployment and includes some feature restrictions. 

Chapter 8 

Migrating Legacy Applications to the Web

Includes guidelines to migrate your current applications from client/server-based or OAS cartridge implementation to Web-based Forms Server implementation. 

Chapter 9 

Network Considerations

Describes the networking implementations upon which you can deploy Web applications, and the things you need to consider when deploying Web applications on each type. 

Chapter 10 

Security Considerations

Describes common security issues that you must consider when setting up Forms Server in a networked environment. 

Chapter 11 

Performance Tuning Considerations

Describes the tuning considerations when you deploy an application over the Internet or other network environment using the Forms Server. 

Chapter 12 

Load Balancing Considerations

Discusses load balancing techniques using servlet load balancing. 

Chapter 13 

Oracle Enterprise Manager Forms Support

Describes the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) system management tool. 

Chapter 14 

Capacity Planning Considerations

Explores the scalability features of Forms Server. 

Chapter 15 

Troubleshooting Solutions

Contains information about troubleshooting solutions for the Forms Server.  

Appendix A 

Forms Server Parameters

Describes the parameters that you use to configure Forms Server. 

Appendix B 

Client Browser Support

Describes the benefits of using native JVM with Internet Explorer 5, Oracle JInitiator, or AppletViewer for your users' Web browsers. 

Appendix C 

Java Importer

Describes how the Java Importer allows Forms developers to generate PL/SQL packages to access Java classes and then program with the generated PL/SQL in their Forms applications. 

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