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Oracle Intelligent Agent User's Guide
Release 9.2.0

Part Number A96676-01
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Agent Log Files, A-8
Agent Tracing, B-24
agentctl.trace_directory, A-3
agentctl.trace_file, A-3
agentctl.trace_level, A-2
agentctl.trace_timestamp, A-3
pre-requisites, 2-17
auto-discovery, 2-15


Best Practices, 2-21
Agent Compatibility, 2-25
Agent Configuration, 2-24
Agent Installation, 2-21
Blackouts, 2-9
command samples, 2-10
commands, 2-10
defining, 2-9


Character set conversion and error handling functions, 3-15
Common Parameters, 3-15
common parameters
column, 3-16
connect_string, 3-16
destaddress, 3-16
filename, 3-16
logon-handle, 3-16
rowid, 3-16
table, 3-16
Communication functions, 3-15
configuration, 2-1
configuration files, A-1
configuration issues, UNIX, B-34
convertin, 3-16
convertout, 3-17


data collection services, tracing, B-29
Data Gatherer, troubleshooting, B-37
dbsnmp.addnl_db_conns, A-4
dbsnmp.address, A-8
dbsnmp.avg_occ_per_event, A-6
dbsnmp.cs_base_port, A-6, A-8
dbsnmp.hostname, A-6
dbsnmpj, A-7
dbsnmpj.log_directory, A-7
dbsnmpj.log_file, A-7
dbsnmpj.log_unique, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_directory, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_file, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_filecnt, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_filesize, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_level, A-6
dbsnmpj.trace_timestamp, A-7
dbsnmpj.trace_unique, A-7
dbsnmp.log_directory, A-5
dbsnmp.log_file, A-6
dbsnmp.log_unique, A-6
dbsnmp.no_job_skipped_notifications, A-4
dbsnmp.noheuristic, A-4
dbsnmp.polltime, A-4
dbsnmp.spawnaddress, A-8
dbsnmp.threshold_evocc, A-6
dbsnmp.threshold_job_status, A-6
dbsnmp.trace_directory, A-5
dbsnmp.trace_file, A-5
dbsnmp.trace_filecnt, A-5
dbsnmp.trace_filesize, A-5
dbsnmp.trace_level, A-5
dbsnmp.trace_timestamp, A-6
dbsnmp.trace_unique, A-5
Dbsnmpwd, 2-8
debugging, OS errors, B-21
diagnosing discovery errors, UNIX, B-43
discovery errors, (NT), B-50
discovery failure, UNIX, B-21
Discovery Process for NT, 2-18
Discovery Process for UNIX, 2-19
discovery, files used (NT), B-50
discovery, files used (UNIX), B-44
DNS Name, B-10
domain user, configuring, 2-5


error messages and resolutions, B-15
event log messages (NT), B-30
event system, tracing, B-29


General purpose utility functions, 3-15
generic setup, 2-1


Installing the Intelligent Agent, 2-2


job and event scripts, 3-2
job status, B-15
job trace parameters, B-28


Log files, agent, A-8


msgtxt, 3-18
msgtxt1, 3-19
Multiple Network Cards, Agent behavior, 2-13
multiple network cards, configuring, 2-12


NLS Issues and Error Messages, 3-13
notification, B-15
NT Agent Operations, 2-2
NT User Account
Creating, 2-4
creating, 2-4
jobs, 2-3
privileges, 2-4
NT User Account for Running Jobs, 2-3
NT/2000 startup errors, B-30


oraautocom, 3-20
oracancel, 3-20
Oracle Names, 2-14
Oracle Net Configuration files, B-10
oraclose, 3-21
oracols, 3-21
oracommit, 3-22
oradbsnmp, 3-22
orafail, 3-23
orafetch, 3-23
orainfo, 3-24
orajobstat, 3-26
oralogoff, 3-26
oralogon, 3-27
oramsg (agent_characterset), 3-6
oramsg (collengths), 3-6
oramsg (colprecs), 3-6
oramsg (colscales), 3-6
oramsg (coltypes), 3-6
oramsg (db_characterset), 3-6
oramsg (errortxt), 3-7
oramsg (handle), 3-7
oramsg (jobid), 3-7
oramsg (language, 3-7
oramsg (maxlong), 3-7
oramsg (nullvalue), 3-7
oramsg (orahome), 3-7
oramsg (oraindex), 3-7
oramsg (orainput), 3-8
oramsg (oraobject), 3-7
oramsg (rc), 3-8
oramsg (rows), 3-8
oramsg (starttime), 3-8
oramsg Elements, 3-6
oraopen, 3-28
oraplexec, 3-28
orareadlong, 3-29
orareportevent, 3-29
oraroll, 3-31
orasleep, 3-31
orasnmp, 3-32
orasql, 3-33
orastart, 3-34
orastop, 3-34
OraTcl, 3-4
OraTcl example, 3-4
OraTcl, functions and parameters, 3-14
oratime, 3-35
orawritelong, 3-35
Overview, 1-2


permissions, NT, B-14
permissions, UNIX, B-14
Pinging the Intelligent Agent, B-12


Quick Checks, NT, B-2
Quick Checks, UNIX, B-5


RDBMS administration functions, 3-14
Real Application Cluster, 2-20
Roles and Users, 2-15, 2-7


scripts, job and event, 3-2
server messages, OraTcl, 3-6
Service Discovery Process, 2-18
services.ora, A-2
SNMP accessing functions, 3-14
SNMP configuration, 2-5
SNMP, configuring for UNIX, 2-11
snmp_ro.ora, A-2
snmp_rw.ora, A-2
snmp.connect..password, A-3
snmp.connect..user, A-3, A-4, A-3
SQL and PL/SQL functions, 3-14
Starting on NT, 2-2
starting on Windows NT, 2-2
Starting, Clean starting the Agent, B-40
startup problems, B-12
startup trace parameters, B-29
Stopping on NT, 2-2
stopping on NT, 2-2


Tcl, Agent use, 3-12
TCP/IP, correct configuration, B-8
Testing Connections, B-12
trace parameters, B-26
Tracing, B-24
tracing data collection, B-29
tracing events, B-29
trigevent (arguments), 3-9
trigevent (name), 3-9
trigevent (object), 3-9
trigevent (results), 3-9
trigevent (severity), 3-9
trigevent Element, 3-9
Troubleshooting, B-2


UNIX Agent
starting and stopping, 2-8
UNIX Agent, controlling, 2-7
Upgrade Process, Agent-Enterprise Manager, 2-25
Upgrading, 2-20
User-configurable Parameters, A-2


Windows 2000, user account, 2-4

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