Figure 4-6

This directory information tree shows the hypothetical application context HR. In the figure, boxes with text inset represent entries. Lines connect boxes, showing the hierarchical relationship between entries.

This application context has a value of cn=Manager. The entry cn=Manager has a distinguished name of cn=Manager,cn=Title,cn=HR,cn=OracleDBAppContext,cn=MyDomain,cn=OracleDBSecurity,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,ou=Americas,o=Oracle,c=US. The illustration shows each of the entries that make up this distinguished name.

The object classes and attributes for the context value, cn=Manager, are shown in LDIF notation, in a text inset:

cn: Manager
objectclass: groupofUniqueNames
objectclass: orclDBApplicationContext
uniquemember: cn=user1,ou=Americas,o=Oracle,l=Redwoodshores,st=CA,c=US