Figure 4-5

This directory information tree shows entries applicable to Oracle Advanced Security features. These lie within the container entry cn=OracleDBSecurity and outside of it. Boxes with text inset represent entries. Lines connect boxes, showing the hierarchical relationship between entries.

Just below the Oracle Context are the entries cn=Database Server, cn=OracleDBSecurityAdmins, cn=Products, cn=OracleDBCreators, and cn=Groups.

The database entry contains two entries: cn=OracleDBAdmins and cn=Mapping. Below the container cn=OracleDBSecurity are the entries cn=OracleDefaultDomain and the entry cn=Enterprise Domain. Below the entry cn=Enterprise Domain are the entries cn=OracleDomainAdmins, cn=Mapping, and cn=Enterprise Role. Below the entry cn=Groups are the entries cn=OraclePasswordAccessibleDomains and cn=OracleUserSecurityAdmins.