Figure 4-11

This directory information tree shows the entries below cn=OracleDynamicServices,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext. Boxes with text inset represent entries. Lines connect boxes, showing the hierarchical relationship between entries.

Just below cn=OracleDynamicServices are the entries cn=OracleDynamicServicesSR, cn=OracleDynamicServicesDomain, cn=OracleDynamicServicesUPR, cn=OracleDynsDocument, cn=OracleDynsBinObject, cn=OracleDynsSPOOrganization, and cn=OracleDynsPeople.

Below the entry cn=OracleDynamicServicesSR are the entries cn=Entertainment and cn=Business. A hypothetical service definition for the latter is shown, represented as cn=Currency,cn=Finance,cn=Business. A text inset lists the attributes for the service, cn=Currency. They are:

service ID
Service Name
Service Keywords
Service Category
Service Descriptor in XML

The entry cn=OracleDynamicServicesUPR also contains subentries. They are cn=User001, cn=User002, and cn=DSSYS. The first two are examples and the last represents an administrator.