This is a text description of commitwr.gif. This figure illustrates the process of committing a child write Transaction into its parent read Transaction. The figure has a box that represents the read Transaction t1, in which an application gets MdmDimension and MdmMeasure objects and gets primary Source objects from them. The application then creates derived Source objects by making selections on the primary Source objects from t1. When the application calls the selectValues method on products, a primary Source, the write Transaction t2 is created, which is represented by a box below t1. The derived Source objects prodSel and timeSel are created in t2. Also in t2 the application joins the derived Source objects to the unitCost primary Source to create the unitCostForSelections derived Source. The application then calls the prepareCurrentTransaction and commitCurrentTransaction methods on the TransactionProvider, which prepares the t2 Transaction and commits it. Committing t2 makes the new Source objects that were created in t2 visible and active in t1, the parent read Transaction. The application can then create a Cursor for unitCostForSelections. The t2 Transaction is no longer active and it disappears.