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Figure 28-4:
This illustration shows the representative hierarchical arrangement of databases throughout a network to illustrate global database names. There are three root domains: EDU, COM, and ORG. There is one subdomain each for the domains EDU and ORG: Educational Institutions and Non-Commercial Organizations, respectively. There are three subdomains associated with the root domain COM: ACME_TOOLS, Other Companies, and ACME_AUTO. ACME_TOOLS is subdivided into three divisions: DIVISION1, DIVISION2, and DIVISION3. DIVISION1 contains the databases HQ and Finance. DIVISION2 contains the database Sales. DIVISION3 contains the database MFG. The subdomain Other Companies has no subordinates. ACME_AUTO is subdivided into geographical regions: ASIA, AMERICAS, and EUROPE. Subordinate to ASIA is JAPAN, with the database Sales. Subordinate to AMERICAS are US and MEXICO. US contains the databases HQ and Sales. MEXICO contains the database Sales. Subordinate to EUROPE are UK and GERMANY. Both UK and GERMANY contain a database called Sales.