Screenshot of the OS Database Operators for MARK dialog box. 

At the top of the box is the text "Select the NT domain users and groups 
to which to assign database operator privileges for the database MARK."

Below the text is an NT Domain Users and Groups field, with a Domain pull-down 
menu for selecting a domain and a list box. The list box has Name and Description
columns displaying:
   814_drops            (blank)
   Applications_Doc     Applications - Docu...
   Applictions-tech     Applications Techn...
   Apps_Int-Win_nt      Applications Integra...
   Case-UK              Oracle Case - UK

Below the list box are Add and Remove buttons, which are both grayed out because 
no user is selected in the list box.

Below the buttons is an OS Database Operators field, which is blank.

At the bottom of the dialog box are OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.