Oracle Workflow Guide
Release 2.6.2

Part Number A95265-03
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Oracle Support Policy for Predefined Workflows, Events, and Subscriptions

Oracle Workflow is embedded in Oracle Applications and is used by its modules to automate and streamline business processes. You can use Oracle Workflow Builder to easily modify an existing business process without changing its application's code. Oracle Workflow also allows you to extend your workflow processes as your business rules change and mature. Additionally, you can use the Event Manager to modify event and subscription definitions without changing application code.

Before you use Oracle Workflow to customize any predefined workflow process, event, or subscription, you should familiarize yourself with the following customization guidelines to ensure standard and safe design and development practices. By following these guidelines, you will be able to supply important information to Oracle Support Services in helping you resolve any issues that arise from your customizations.

Customization Guidelines

See Also

Resolving Customization Issues

What Is NOT Supported

What Is Supported

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