Oracle Workflow Guide
Release 2.6.2

Part Number A95265-03
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Setting Up Message Propagation

After you define your events, systems, agents, and subscriptions, you must set up the Business Event System for message propagation. Use the Check Setup web page in the Event Manager to perform the following steps:

Note: If you are using the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, you should use the Concurrent Manager to schedule listeners for your local inbound agents. Use the Check Setup web page only to review and verify your setup and to schedule propagations for your local outbound agents.

You should recheck your setup whenever you make changes to your agents that affect the physical implementation required for propagation. See: Agents.

Attention: Oracle Workflow sets the status of the local system to Enabled by default. After you finish setting up the Business Event System, you can use the Global Workflow Preferences web page to to set the system status that you want for event processing. See: Setting Global User Preferences.
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