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Event Subscription Rule Function APIs

The event subscription rule function APIs provide standard rule functions that you can assign to event subscriptions. A rule function specifies the processing that Oracle Workflow performs when the subscription's triggering event occurs.

Oracle Workflow provides a standard Default_Rule function to perform basic subscription processing. This function is executed by default if no other rule function is specified for the subscription. The default rule function includes the following actions:

Oracle Workflow also provides some other standard rule functions that you can use. The Log, Error, Warning, and Success functions can be used for testing and debugging your application. The Workflow_Protocol function passes the event message to a workflow process to be sent to an agent. The Error_Rule function performs the same processing as the Default_Rule function, but also raises an exception. The Workflow_Protocol and Error_Rule functions are used in predefined Oracle Workflow event subscriptions. The SetParametersIntoParameterList function adds the subscription parameters to the parameter list within the event message.

These rule function APIs are defined in a PL/SQL package called WF_RULE.

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