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Business Event System Replication APIs

You can call the following APIs to replicate Business Event System data across your systems. The replication APIs are stored in the following PL/SQL packages, each of which corresponds to a Business Event System table. Oracle Workflow provides both a Generate function and a Receive function for each table.

Each Generate API produces an XML message containing the complete information from the appropriate table for the specified Business Event System object definition. The corresponding Receive API parses the XML message and loads the row into the appropriate table.

Oracle Workflow uses these APIs during the automated replication of Business Event System data. The Generate APIs are called by WF_EVENT_FUNCTIONS_PKG.Generate(), while the Receive APIs are called by WF_EVENT_FUNCTIONS_PKG.Receive(). See: Generate and Receive.

Document Type Definitions

The document type definitions (DTDs) for the Workflow table XML messages are defined under the master tag WF_TABLE_DATA. Beneath the master tag, each DTD has a tag identifying the Workflow table name to which it applies, and beneath that, a version tag as well as tags for each column in the table. The following example shows how the DTDs are structured:

<WF_TABLE_DATA>           <- masterTagName
<WF_TABLE_NAME> <- m_table_name
<VERSION></VERSION> <- m_package_version

The Business Event System replication APIs use the following DTDs:

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