Oracle Workflow Guide
Release 2.6.2

Part Number A95265-03
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Setup Flowchart

The following flowchart shows the Oracle Workflow setup steps. Some of the steps are required and some are optional. You need to perform optional steps only if you plan to use the related feature or complete certain business functions.

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Setup Checklist

The following table lists Oracle Workflow setup steps. A reference to whether the step is pertinent to the standalone or embedded version of Oracle Workflow or both and whether the step is optional or required is provided.

  Step No. Required Step Standalone/Embedded/Both
  Step 1 Optional Partitioning Workflow Tables Both
  Step 2 Required Setting Global User Preferences Both
  Step 3 Required Setting Up an Oracle Workflow Directory Service Standalone
  Step 4 Optional Synchronizing Workflow Directory Services with Oracle Internet Directory Standalone
  Step 5 Required Creating the WF_LANGUAGES View Standalone
  Step 6 Required Setting the Socket Listener Profile Options Embedded
  Step 7 Required Setting the WF_RESOURCES Environment Variable Standalone
  Step 8 Required Setting Up Background Workflow Engines Both
  Step 9 Optional Implementing the Notification Mailer Both
  Step 10 Optional Modifying Your Message Templates Both
  Step 11 Optional Customizing the Logo on Oracle Workflow's Web Pages Both
  Step 12 Optional Adding Custom Icons to Oracle Workflow Both
  Step 13 Optional Setting Up the Java Function Activity Agent Standalone
  Step 14 Optional Setting Up the Business Event System Both
  Step 15 Optional Setting Up the WF_EVENT_OMB_QH Queue Handler Both

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